Best Summer Holiday Destinations In The World


Summer holidays are right about the corner and al are willing to help themselves to a vacation to rewind from the work life. Having a perfect vacation is a dream and a task all in itself but selecting the right place can make it all easier. We have a list of places you can visit to cool of your stress while getting a nice tan.

Salt Lake City, Utah

This is one of the best place you can visit to cool off. This capital city of Utah has some of the most beautiful beaches, a cool weather and can give you the perfect ambience. This is one of the best place to relax, and unwind all the stress. There are also a lot activities that an adventurous person can do like jdl688, wildlife photography, hiking, skiing and more.

Las Vegas, Nevada

One place to visit during the summer is Las Vegas. This is a great place as you will be able to find a pool party for yourself. Not to forget about the Casinos and clubbing you can do to ensure you get to enjoy this sin city. This is a great place of you love to gamble, and enjoy club hopping.


Maui, Hawaii

Maui is not a very well known island but can easily become one of your favourite destinations. There is a lot of space where you can enjoy some private time. It is one of the most beautiful place where you can enjoy your day in peace by the water. If you are a wildlife lover you can also spot some beautiful animals that this land has to offer.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Want to travel to beautiful destinations but have a budget Colombo is your lifesaver. This is one of the best place to be as the weather and the landscape will memorize you. You can stroll about the land, shopping, and trying the Sri Lankan cuisines which can be fulfilling in many ways.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful city which is frequented by travellers a lot due to it’s mesmerizing beauty. This city envisions art, elegance, architecture. There are beautiful beaches that can help you rewind. If you are a night person try to get out at nights to enjoy the nightlife of the city with its pubs and bars.

Hamberg, Germany

Hamberg is a global trading point, also known as the ‘Gateway to the World.’ If you want to experience the rich cultural side of the city you can enjoy the from its cuisines to its breweries. If you want to lead a life luxury Hamberg is the place for you as they have a Miniature Wunderland, Heide Park, luxury hotels, to help keep you entertained.

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